OVERVIEW of what we do:

Liquid Domains is a domain buyer. In other words, we buy internet domain names, URLs, and websites. We do not sell domains. We are a division of an internet advertising agency in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we use the domains in our own business. We are serious about the web, and currently manage a number of domains. All of our domain acquisition transactions use escrow, which protects both parties and streamlines the domain transfer process. We are no nonsense domain buyers, and we strive for the highest levals of professionalism and satisfaction. We hope you do too.

So, let's get started.

What we're looking for:

Given that traffic usually establishes relevancy, mostly we are interested in domains with traffic, and it is unlikely that we would consider a domain without traffic. We're always interested in buying outstanding [.COM] domains, and in opportunities which match one or more of the following parameters:

• .COM only!
• Type-In Traffic domains, meaning that consumers go there on their own [eg., RealEstateForSaleByOwner.Com]
• Former High Traffic Websites or domains with Links, meaning that many other websites hyperlink to the domain.
• Generic industrial category domains [eg., PlasticInjectionMolding.Com].
• True One Word domains [eg., Inhibitions.Com].
• Catchy, Memorable domains [eg., GoshDarn.Com].
• High Value In Web Commerce domains [eg., AffiliateProgram.Com].
• Specific Theme domains: automotive, consumer, dating, diet, finance, gaming, internet, health care, loan, medical, mortgage, movies, music, pharmacy, technology, travel, webcams, weight loss, adult entertainment.
• Short Acronym domains not to exceed three letters [eg., XY.COM, XYZ.COM].
• Unusual or extraordinary domains [eg., FranklyMyDearIDontGiveADamn.com].

What we're NOT looking for / what we avoid.
We are generally NOT interested in the following:

• Infringements, domains which tread on distinctive, registered, and/ or famous trademarks [eg., DrinkCocaCola.Com].
• Hyphenated domains [eg., Global-Ads.Com] --except, if it is a very commonly searched 2 word phrase or has great value in commerce, such as [Affiliate-Program.Com], we would have an interest.
• Combination domains containing letters and numbers [eg., XYZ123.com].
• Non-.COM domains --At this time, the .COM extension is our primary baileywick. Two letter country code domains [.CC/ .DE/ .MD/ .US/ .TV] and IDNs do NOT interest us.

Contact us.
Please only contact us if you feel you meet the above criteria! Email us and let us know.

1. What you offer and asking price. The lower the price, the more likely a transaction. If you have not established a price, it indicates to us that you have not completed all of the preliminary steps involved in selling the item, and therefore, we would not be interested. If there is no established price, please do not submit it. Contact us only after you have determined a price.
2. Traffic stats, if available.
3. Short history of the domain and why you are selling it. Please let us know how long you have owned it.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND LISTS OF MORE THAN 25 NAMES --if you have more than 25 domains, pick your best 25 to submit. Do not send us multiple lists of 25 names each, send us only one (1) list of your top 25.

Thanks again for visiting us. We look forward to doing business with you!


ATT: Liquid Domains division
Hog Advertising LLC
7477 West Lake Mead Boulevard, Suite 170
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Voicemail: 800-317-2314
Facsimile: 800-317-2316
Email: info@liquiddomains.com
Web: http://LiquidDomains.com

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